We can carry out open market tenders with approved contractors to provide the following core services: mechanical and electrical maintenance, manned security, lift & escalator maintenance, vertical (window and facade) and horizontal (internal) cleaning. Detailed specifications and invitation to tender documentation will be developed to ensure the service level expectations are clear and precise.

Our tender processes are unique, rigorous and designed to stand up under scrutiny; upon completion of the tender exercise, a detailed contract placing report is provided to our clients.

Design Review

Design Review has been developed to help realise the owners’/designers’ wishes in the long term by incorporating as many sound management features as appropriate and affordable at an early stage. It is not intended to propose fundamental changes to the architectural vision of a development or to recommend expensive additional investment by the Client.

It is based upon our experience in the set-up and management of a vast range of major London office buildings with associated retail, extensive estate, and service areas. The points raised range from the mundane (but often overlooked) to the sophisticated. The purpose is to increase management efficiency and minimise costs by addressing these issues, where appropriate and affordable, at the Design and Construction phase.

By receiving drawings and specifications at an early stage, we are able to offer comment and advice in a constructive manner. Our aim is to compliment and realise the owners’ and designers’ vision in the long term by recommending as many sound management features as appropriate to minimise service charge expenditure once buildings have reached practical completion. It is a challenging market and as such, it is imperative that the design of commercial buildings seek to have features that will minimise future maintenance costs pertaining to the core building services contracts

Generally, many recommendations can be incorporated for little or no additional cost at the design stage. Experience has shown that significant benefits, both financial and practical, accrue to landlords and tenants. Retrofitting is invariably both expensive and disruptive.

Fundamental points covered by the review would typically include all aspects of property management such as Service Charge Optimisation, Manned and Electronic Security, Management Accommodation, Access Movement & Storage, Fabric & Cleaning, Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health, Lifts and Vertical Transportation, Utility Supply/Metering & Energy Efficiency/Sustainability.

Licence to Alter

We are experienced in carrying out the licence to alter process & fit out approvals for managing agents/owner occupiers, approving technical submissions from tenants acting on behalf of the landlord and ensuring all Category B works are carried out in strict accordance with the buildings fit out guide and good trade practises.

Mobilisation Compliance

In our experience many contractors fail to deliver what has been detailed within their submitted mobilisation plan at tender stage. We offer a service of attending the property reviewing the mobilisation plan and then auditing the site to ensure that all specified items detailed have been implemented. This provides the customer with some comfort that the contractor is compliant with the contract specification. Following the audit a detailed report is provided which will include any observations and recommendations to further improve the contractor’s service delivery.

Condition Surveys & Lifecycle Reports

We can provide a report on any mechanical and electrical issues as and when required to include:

Undertaking mechanical and electrical feasibility studies when required and advise on technical issues, including cost implications when requested.

Report and advice on general state of mechanical and electrical systems and indicate approximate replacement dates for principal plant and equipment. The advice provided duly considers the RICS code of practice, especially in relation to section 8.

In addition, we can provide advice on technical disputes that arise between the landlord and tenants or other contracting parties.