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Vertical transportation

Traffic Analysis

Vertical Transportation  - Lift Traffic Analysis

PAS were appointed to undertake a Traffic Analysis on the high rise lifts at one of the City of London’s iconic high rise buildings.

The 38 storey building has a group of 6 lifts serving the upper floors from 22 to 34, at floor 34, two shuttle lifts take visitors to the bar and restaurant situated at the 38th floor.

PAS were instructed to carry out a traffic analysis of the six high rise lifts to determine whether an improved service could be provided to the tenants of floors 22 to 34 and the restaurant clientele, if one of the group of six lifts was taken out of the group and solely served the restaurant.

We analysed the traffic handling capacity of the high rise group, taking into account the number of tenants and restaurant visitors expected based on historical data, using lift traffic simulation software. We were able to advise the client that whilst the restaurant clientele would receive an improved lift service, the building tenants would experience an increase in lift waiting times in excess of British Council of offices recommendations for a good lift service.